HC-1 HeavyCoater

Spraypoxy HC-1

This big boy takes you to another level in spray coating! With different hose setups, you can coat small-diameter pipes and really big ones. Designed for professional use, which allows you to renovate all possible pipes with high quality. Air motor-driven spray head ensures always a homogeneous and smooth finish. The HC-1 offers plenty of control possibilities, for example pulling speed and pressure control.

Benefits of the product

Heated hoses and epoxy tanks guarantee a smooth epoxy flow even when the temperature is low. They make enable spray coating pipes up to 40 m long distances and 300 mm pipes. Combine HC-1 with a cable spinning machine, for example, Boldan RotoMidi, and then you also have the option of brush coating. Including a remote controller.

  • Suitable for all kinds of pipe coating
  • Really easy to operate
  • Material circulation
  • No waste,
  • Remote controller,
  • Heated epoxy tanks.

Technical information

  • Suitable for coating pipes from 32 mm (1 ¼”) to 300 mm (12”) diameter, even 40 m (131 ft) long pipelines can be renovated
  • Measurements: 600 mm (width), 1200 mm (height), 600 mm (depth)
  • Additional accessory: automatic pulling system

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