Repair old or deteriorated drains and sewers efficiently with our new pipe coating technology

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Pipe coating equipment - Midicoater

Equipment and pipe coating machines

In the heart of the Spraypoxy pipe coating system are our equipment. Our lightweight and mobile equipment can repair pipes from 32mm (1.25“) to 200mm (8”).

Pipe coating supplies

Supplies and pipe coating chemicals

In addition to our equipment, we also provide other pipe coating supplies, such as brushes, cables and grinding chains. Our epoxy coatings are world class quality.

Pipe coating in an old pipe

Pipe coating

Sometimes learning new techniques can help make your business more efficient and for that reason we also train new and established pipe rehan contractors.

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Benefits of using the Spraypoxy pipe coating system

Fixes even the most challenging pipes

When other pipe repair techiques come out short, Spraypoxy will help you repair even the most challenging pipes.

Quick to move around and apply

Spraypoxy equipment are mobile and light weight - this allows you to work in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Customer friendly for residents

Due to the short duration of the repair, your customers don’t have to move out. One apartment can be renovated in a day.

Cost effective to you and your customers

The cost of materials and the low labor costs due to short working time help you and your customers save money!

Extremely easy to use

Our machines are easy to use and there's no need to open wall and floor structures when repairing the pipeline.

Environment friendly

When using Spraypoxy pipe coating products, pipe repairs can be conducted without any dust or hazardous waste occuring.


What types of pipelines can be repaired using Spraypoxy?

In the Spraypoxy system, you can find solutions for the renovation of sewer pipes, rainwater pipes, ventilation pipes, which are made of cast iron, plastic, cement or various metals. With pipe sizes DN 32 - 300 mm. With the Spraypoxy system, you can also repair floor drains, wells, manholes and various surfaces.

What are the steps to repair a pipe with Spraypoxy?

  1. Examining the pipe to be repaired with a sewer camera.
  2. Pipe cleaning, washing and drying.
  3. Spray coating and brush coating of the pipe.
  4. And finally, video recording of the finished pipe.

Can the Spraypoxy system be combined with a sewer lining system?

Yes you can! The epoxy of the Spraypoxy system has been successfully tested with Boldan's In-House Lining System. The combination of pipelining and coatings has been used for years in Finland.

Does a new and starting contractor get everything needed for pipe coating from Spraypoxy?

Yes, you can get everything you need from us, and starting pipe rehab work with the Spraypoxy system doesn't even require big investments. We also provide training and technical support! See our Trainings-page for more information on that.

What are the advantages of the Spraypoxy system?

The Spraypoxy system is all-encompassing. Our system enables pipe cleaning, spray coating, brush coating, and coating of all kinds of different surfaces. The system contains many different products that make coating high-quality, easier and faster.

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