Spray Head Washing Machine

This unit cleans your spray heads without hassle, just plug your spray head into the washer and let it do the work for you. Pressurize the washer from the MidiCoater / MiniSpray and let the spray head rotate while the solvent washes through the spray head.

Benefits of the product

A fast and simple way to maintain your spray heads in good condition.

  • Easy to use
  • less mess
  • saves time
  • saves solvent

By thoroughly washing the Spray head with a washing machine, the spray head will last considerably longer.

The dirty solvent remains in its own upper container, which can be easily emptied.

Technical information

  • Product code: SPWME
  • Weight 11,2 kg (25 lbs.), length 215 mm (8,5”), width 215 mm (8,5”), height 375 mm (15”)
  • Maximum pressure: 1 bar (14,5 psi)
  • Solvent tank capacity 3 L
  • including filling funnel, straight connection 8 - 8 mm with 8 mm solvent hose, and straight connection 6 - 6 mm with 6 mm air hose

Recommended solvent: SPWSH, Spraypoxy Spray Wash

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